Sound conversion kits without coreless motor (GAM)

Here you can get ready-made components for the conversion of a certain model WITHOUT a sound motor block. The packages are divided into different levels of difficulty. I recommend inexperienced model railroaders to start with simple conversions.

A fully programmed decoder, a loudspeaker, if necessary a special wire, if necessary an LED and a conversion instruction is included with every standard complete package within the difficulty levels 1-7. The standard decoders are from D&H.

    If you want to convert to a bell anchor at the same time, you can find the motor under ACCESSORIES.

For every project you will see the complexity of the renovation based on a clear difficulty level (1-7). The parameters are included: dismantling the locomotive, milling work, flexible work, material to be processed, filigree parts, soldering complexity, workstation for conversion, time required, possibly predetermined breaking points of a model.

We have company holidays from 6.1.22 to 20.1.22.

Sound conversion kits without coreless motor (GAM)

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